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M7 TAX Re-Engineers GOTECH’s Financial Modeling

M7 TAX, one of Canada’s leading Accounting, Tax, Audit and Financial Planning Firms, has been successful in transforming GOTECH’s Communications Inc’s trajectory over the past four years. Today, GOTECH enjoys a healthy financial standing with a strong outlook into the future.

In 2017, M7 TAX was awarded GOTECH’s business and has undergone a complete review of the GOTECH’s financial model. As a result, M7 TAX assisted their client with Financial Planning, Cost Optimization, and Profit Maximization Strategies. The results of these plans are evident in GOTECH’s successful closing of the years 2018, 2019, 2020 and thus far in 2021. Moreover, M7 TAX was responsible for bookkeeping, tracking expenses, filing HST and tax returns which resulted in tens of thousands of dollars of savings for GOTECH over the years.

Bruno da Silva, President of GOTECH Communications Inc. said: “Moving our company’s accounting and finance functions to M7 TAX was one of the most important strategic decisions we’ve ever made. Our numbers speak for themselves, and we could not have succeeded in the market without our solid accounting partners”.

“Many businesses look for a reliable firm that has knowledge about their industry to take care of their financial planning and accounting so that they can focus on growing their business without the hassle of worrying about their finances. We are proud to have helped GOTECH grow into the successful company they are now and we are grateful for the opportunity Bruno and his team have extended to us”. Commented Marcos Lopes, M7 TAX CEO.

With help and advice from M7 TAX, Bruno was able to build and grow GOTECH Communications Inc., an underground construction company in London, ON.

“I have to admit, the fact that Marcos and his team speak multiple languages including Portuguese, my first language, has tremendously helped me during the onboarding process. The future looks bright and we are on track to breaking another record this year in terms of financial returns.” Added da Silva.

M7 TAX has 12 locations across Canada and USA, and they can be reached at Toll-Free: 800-771-8244 or Email:, for any queries.

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